Global Leadership & Diversity

Leadership, Networking, Diversity & Gender – give dignity to diversity or:
diversity is not about them, it’s about you (Gardenswartz/Rowe 2008)
and the system (Fischer/Marte 2011)

Evoked by globalization, distance could be found as the source for the rise of complexity when organizations internationalize (Marte 2010). This causes uncertainty and un-controllability for corporations. This distance creates cultural, economical, legal, psychological, organizational, time, and linguistic differences.


...creates different differences

Acting in different markets, nationals, boarders, cultures, and languages put high demands on organization in dealing with differences. Only by accepting these differences and actively managing them by continually working on plan-versus-actual differences, global leaders and their organizations build the foundation for the future viability of these organizations.

Dr. Angelica V. Marte offers formats for the Global Leadership Learning Journey to support these processes. In her lectures she teaches and develops with her bachelor- and master students and with her executives topics such as Global Leadership, Networking, Diversity, systemic leadership, and Female Leadership. All this includes an intercultural perspective, historically embedded, always interdisciplinary, self-reflective and experimental. She consults also film production projects in various cultures, for example on the United Emirates, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Senegal, Gabun.