Leadership Development

Leadership Development – co-evolutionary development of
organizational conditions & global competences or:
how does globality finds its way into the organization?

The internationalization of organization is a complex, transformational process demanding time and will never be finished. It is a necessary consequence to equally globalize your leadership, and continually develop global leadership in your organization.

... makes a difference

The design of a development concept in the form of a complex intervention architecture should be based on a multi-methodological approach, on interdisciplinarity and on a systemic mindset. The following aspects serve as guidelines: experiential learning, practical experience orientation, a global learning environment, a multi-methodic approach and a high organizational transparency via constant reflection of the system, the individual and the role.

Dr. Angelica V. Marte uses formats as “Diversity & Gender – handling of differences”, “Global Leadership or give dignity to diversity”, or “Leadership Learning Journey” in order to support this process.