Global Coaching

Executive Coaching – the handling of differences or:
it can always be different! (Marte 2011)

Global Coaching is a specific systemic Business-Coaching, where global leaders who operate in an international company, are accompanied by a global coach. This differs from non-global coaching, because a global coach is able to offer, based on her own internationalization experience different mirroring possibilities, connectivity and serve as a sounding board. Global coaching is not a therapy, not consultation, and no substitute for leadership work.


‘The Self’
... makes a difference

Dr. Angelica V. Marte uses systemic methods in her global coaching – a selection: contextualization, problem patterns, circular questions, hidden benefit of the problem, work with metaphors, constellation work, analysis of identity/values/visions, reframing, changing perspectives, prescription of behavior, observation exercise, pattern recognition/-change, conflict strategies etc. pp. The process- and solution oriented executive coaching of Dr. Marte comprises working on biography (framing of culture), self-reflection intercultural socialization, working on your role (trust, power, cooperation), cultural awareness of yourself and others, difference management.

Global Coaching is no intercultural training (“how to eat in China“), but a development journey of self, an encounter with strangeness and strangers, or as R. D. Laing put it, to let failing to notice happen to you.

The range of what we think and do,
is limited by what we fail to notice.
And because we fail to notice
that we fail to notice,
there is little we can do to change;
until we notice
how failing to notice
shapes our thoughts and deeds.

R.D. Laing